Baby Gatorfish
Baby Gatorfish
No Reed
Shallow but not too shallow
Points : 4
Location : near Salty Straight
Weather :

Sunny icon

Wave :

StillWavyBig Waves

Reel: No
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Market Price
Good Deal: 12 coins (RARE)
8 - 9 coins
Normal Price: 6 coins
Bad Deal: 4 - 5 coins
2 coins (RARE)

A much cuter animal than its parents, the Baby Gatorfish likes to bite at everything except hooks.


  • Hates rods
  • Hates reeds
  • Never found in deep waters
  • Fond of plastic things



  • This fish CAN'T be caught with rods, only with nets.
  • Salty Straight/Small Plastic Net/D2/Sunny/Rough Waves
  • Cape Ravi/Small Plastic Net/D2/Sunny/Rough Waves