Bayou Bottomfeeder
Bayou Bottomfeeder
Shallow Depth
Points :
Location : near Wilted Wetlands
Weather :


Wave :

Big Waves

Reel: No
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Market Price
Good Deal: 42 coins (RARE)
29 coins
Normal Price: 26 - 28 coins
Bad Deal: 25 coins
14 coins (RARE)

More polecat than catfish, Bayou Bottomfeeders enjoy the finer things in life; rolling around in the mud, eating garbage from the sea floor, and scratching their bellies on oyster beds. It's hard to get them to chase after baits, so the skilled angler must know how to drop the bait right on the Bottomfeeder's nose, and hope he's not asleep, or too busy watching the scum float by.


  • Seen near the Wilted Wetlands
  • Likes how waves churn up the mud
  • Loves the loud hum of a boat propeller
  • Likes to rest in the reeds



  • Titanium Rod/Flat Worm or Red Backed Beetles/D1/Reeds/Storm/Rough Waves/Loud Motor