Bearded Koi

Description: An ancient and wizened fish, Bearded Koi are said to live hundreds of years, although no one has ever spotted a young specimen. Crazy old fisherman tell wild tales about 'Beardos' (as they're affectionately known) throwing themselves upon hooks and into nets to protect their naive, young offspring.

Tip #1: Hangs around Adelaide Beach

Tip #2: Likes big waves

Tip #3: Hates loud motors

Tip #4: Never leaves the reeds

Market Price: 3 - 35

Reel Required: Yes

Reel Avoidance Fee: 6 gold


B1: Catching 1 Bearded Koi is required.

B2: Catching 30 Bearded Koi are required.

B8: Catching 50 Bearded Koi are required.

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