License A1
Class A1
Max Energy : 10 Energy
Max Nets : 0 Net
Energy Refill Speed : 120 Seconds
License Points : - Points
Upgrade Fee : - Coins

Player is hereby licensed to fish only in nearby waters, in fair weather, and with the most basic beginner's equipment, as the licensee is fundamentally inexperienced.

Player will obtain this license automatically as the starting license. Quests in this license are also serve as tutorials to teach player the basics of fishing.


Hitgrab harbor thumb
HitGrab Harbor
Wriggly worm
Wriggly Worm
Cheap fiberglass rod icon
Cheap Fiberglass Rod
Scrap Crane
Cheap-O Motor
Dinky Shack


Quest Quest Rewards
Points Points Energy Energy Coins Coins
Catch a Peewee Perch 2 5 5
Find Some Bait 2 5 5
Buy Bait from the Bait Shop 3 0 5
Sell Fish at the Market 3 0 5
Buy Ice from the Ice Shop 3 0 5


Next License
License A2
Points: ? Points
Fee: ? Coins

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