Image Description
Boat anchor
Boat Anchor
The story these anchors could tell, if only they had mouths.
Bike Wheel
Makes you wonder if mer-people ride bikes.
Bikini Top
Impossible to imagine how these things keep getting away.
Boat wheel
Boat Wheel
One of these must have been touched by Blue Beard. Must have...
Message Bottle
Ah! The mysterious message in a bottle. What does it say? No one can know.
Rusty Tin Can
It's more likely a soda can, but it's fun to pretend that it was caviar.
Cell Phone
Whoa! This thing is so silly and old! It weighs, like, 8 ounces!
Mouse Trap
Wooden base and a high tension spring. Definitely a Novice trap.
Old Sign
What a sad sight. Those must have been some dark, dark times...And it works as a Frisbee!
Old Left Boot
It's full of snails. You only ever find left boots, for some reason.
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