This is a comprehensive list of all fish introduced into FishHunt, their locations, preferences, and conditions for a successful catch. This list does not include fish that can be obtained through a whirlpool.

Fish LocationsEdit

HitGrab Harbor Angeler's Inlet Salty Strait Wilted Wetlands Barney Beach Cape Ravi Brackish Marsh Tranquil Bay Spencer Sound Cape Cano Gulf of Gnawnia Dixon Cliffs Rucker Sound Adelaide Beach Cheyanne Sea
Bashful Clam X X X X X X
Bayou Bottomfeeder X X
Bearded Koi X
Blue-Frilled Krill
Box Fish X X X X X
Bubble Guppy
Clown Fish
Cuddler Crab X
Diva Fish
Fire Fish X X X
Floundurr X
Flutter Fish
Fraidy Fish X
Geisha Guppy
Gloom Guppy X X
Hypno Trout X
Nar Guppy
Ogre Fish X X X
Peewee Perch X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Powder Puffer X X X
Rainbow Angel
Red Dragon Gar
Ruby Roughy X
Sensei Snapper
Snaggle Trout
Snuggle Starfish X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Tiger Trout X X X
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