There are 9 factors that matter when you throw out that rod hoping to catch a fish.

Location – Fish often prefer a specific zone on the map.

Rods – Fish sometimes prefer or stay away from a specific rod.

Bait – Fish have certain bait they are more attracted to.

Motor – Some fish like a loud motor and others a quiet motor.

Vegetation – Certain fish prefer reeds while others stay away from them.

Depth – Shallow, medium, and deep conditions attract different fish.

Water – Calm water, small waves, and large waves are the three water conditions.

Weather – Sunny, Rain, and Thunderstorms are the three weather conditions.

Whirlpools – Some rare fish are more often found fishing into whirlpools.

– Depth for fishing

1) Shallow

2) Shallow but not too shallow

3) Medium

4) Medium

5) Deep water

6) Deep water