Gloom Guppy
Gloom Guppy
Shallow Depth
Shallow but not too shallow
Points : 20
Location : near Brackish Marsh
Weather :


Wave :
Reel: Yes, 5 coins to skip
[Icons ?]
Market Price
Good Deal: 29 coins (RARE)
21 - 24 coins
Normal Price: 13 - 20 coins
Bad Deal: 9 - 12 coins
6 coins (RARE)

The Gloom Guppy is easily recognized by its slow and irksome whine. It spends most of its day talkin g about how fish who join schools are conformists, while ironically pretending to bite at fishermen's hooks. It sometimes takes the irony too far.


  • Skulks around the Brackish Marsh.
  • Scared of noisy motors.
  • Sticks to the reeds.
  • Comes out for a good storm.



  • Storm/Brackish Marsh/Big Waves/D1/Carbon Rod/Fuzzy Beetle/Ultra Stealth/Reed
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