Golly Guppy
Golly Guppy

Shallow Depth
Shallow but not too shallow
Mid depth
Deep water
Points : 2
Location : Everywhere
Weather :

Sunny iconWeather#RainWeather#Storm

Wave :

StillWavyBig Waves

Reel: No
[Icons ?]
Market Price
Good Deal: 12 coins (RARE)
11 coins
Normal Price: 7-10 coins
Bad Deal: 5-6 coins
4 coins (RARE)

The description for Golly Guppy is yet to be determined.


  • Found often in the Northwest
  • Sometimes plays in deep waters
  • Likes to splash in big waves
  • A fan of noodles


  • Everywhere


Can be caught with:

  • Reed not important
  • All depths/bait/rod