King Salmon
King Salmon

Deep water
Points : 20
Location : near Francisco Bay
Weather :

Sunny icon

Wave :

Big Waves

Reel: Yes, 10 coins to skip
[Icons ?]
Market Price
Good Deal: 54-56 coins
Normal Price: 33 coins
Bad Deal:  ? coins

After millennia of brutal conflict, King Salmon evolved an adaptive ocular mutation that makes them completely blind to one another, so that they can regally paddle through their small patch of water without fighting over who is truly king of the sea.


  • Lulled by the sound of large boat motors
  • A deep-sea swimmer
  • Swims in big waves
  • Reigns near Francisco Bay



  • Titanium/Glow Worm/Big Wave/Loud Motor/D6/Francisco Bay/Sunny (c: Kevin Law)
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