Kitty Catfish
Kitty Catfish

Deep water
Points : 10
Location : near Auge Island
Weather :

Sunny iconWeather#RainWeather#Storm

Wave :


Reel: No
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Market Price
Good Deal: 35 coins (RARE)
31-34 coins
Normal Price: 23-30 coins
Bad Deal: 15 coins

It takes an extra-patient angler to wait the hours and hours that the Kitty Catfish will often spend batting playfully at a piece of bait on a line before it finally bites. On a quiet night, if you listen carefully, you may hear the soft purr of a school of Kitties passing just below the water's surface.


  • Plays around Auge Island
  • Prefers deep waters
  • Not a fan of huge waves
  • Darts off when it hears a loud motor



  • Only found at Depth 4 and above
  • Auge/Bamboo/Grub/Quiet Motor/Still or wave/Any weather (c: Kevin Law)
  • Bamboo/Mayfly/D5/Auge (c: Kevin Law)
  • Steel Mesh Mega Net @ Auge Island (c: Faye Bishop)
  • Emery/Bamboo/Mayfly/Quiet/Sunny/Still/D6 (c: Kevin Law)