Loudmouth Mackerel
Loudmouth Mackerel

Shallow Depth
Shallow but not too shallow
Points : 8
Location : near Hidden Harbor
Weather :

Sunny iconWeather#RainWeather#Storm

Wave :

StillBig Waves

Reel: No
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Market Price
Good Deal: 16 - 18 coins
Normal Price: 15 coins
Bad Deal: 10 coins

The din of the gabbing schools of Loudmouth Mackerel can be heard, and sometimes even seen from afar, as the water bubbles and roils with their incessant chatter. If you can stand to get close enough to lay down your nets, you'll be guaranteed a big haul.


  • A shallow Swimmer
  • Steers clear of hooks
  • Hates storms
  • Fond of bamboo



  • Hidden Harbor/Bamboo Weave Net/D1/Storm/Rough Waves
  • Bender Bay/Bamboo Weave Net/D2/Rain/No Waves
  • Conely Cove/Bamboo Weave Net/D1/Sunny/Rough Waves