Maverick Shark
Maverick Shark

Shallow but not too shallow
Mid depth
Points : 20
Location : near Jawbone Beach
Weather :


Wave :

WavyBig Waves

Reel: Yes, 6 coins to skip
[Icons ?]
Market Price
Good Deal:  ? coins
Normal Price: 22-31 coins
Bad Deal:  ? coins

The Maverick Shark is the greatest show-off in the sea. This fish buzzes past vacationing anglers as they sit, stunned, on the shore, and taunts jet skis by jumping over them upside down.


  • Often terrorizes Jawbone Beach
  • Basks in mid-to-shallow depths
  • Swarms boats with loud motors
  • Likes to eat Glow Worms



  • not found when sunny? (need more data, please confirm)
  • Rainy or storm/wavy or big waves/D3/Glow worm/titanium (c: Kevin Law)