Measly Mackerel
Measly Mackerel

Shallow Depth
Shallow but not too shallow
Points : 2
Location : Everywhere
Weather :

Sunny iconWeather#RainWeather#Storm

Wave :

StillWavyBig Waves

Reel: No
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Market Price
Good Deal: 7-14 coins
Normal Price: 6 coins
Bad Deal: 5 coins

These guys have it hard. So miniscule that most fish mistake them for insects, they function more as delicious morsel than mackerel. Always with a worried look on its face, a Measly has to keep at least one bulging eye darting around for big toothy predators looking for a quick appetizer.


  • Abundant in HitGrab Harbor
  • Generally found in the shallows
  • Loves the feel of small waves
  • Loves to eat Blue Bottle Flies


  • Everywhere


  • Any setup can be used.