Nar Guppy
Nar Guppy
Shallow Depth
Shallow but not too shallow
Points :
Location : Seeker's Lagoon
Weather :


Wave :

Big Waves

Reel: Yes, 10 coins to skip
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Market Price
Good Deal: 95 coins (RARE)
53 - 56 coins
Normal Price: 39 - 49 coins
Bad Deal: 22 - 36 coins

Considered by many to be nothing more than a myth. The Nar Guppy is prized among anglers for its decorative horn, which it uses to draw ephemeral cartoons, usually about hapless fishermen, on the sea floor. Much to the amusement of the few other Nar Guppies.


  • A shallow swimmer
  • Spotted once near Seeker's Lagoon
  • Likes storms and big waves
  • Hates noisy boat motors



  • Use SUPER|Bait+ or Glow Worm
  • Seeker's Lagoon/Ultra Stealth/D1/Reeds/Bamboo/SB+/Storm/Big Waves
  • Fish in the reeds inside the pond, only reachable with Bamboo Rod
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