Nets are fishing tool that helps players catch loads of fish after waiting for certain amount of filling time. Players are allowed to own a limited number of net at a time. However, players are given a choice to refund a net at a lower price if they want to.

Tiny Twine NetEdit

This rod is given to new players during A1 License tutorial.

Tiny twine net Description: Very tiny, but fast to fill, and small enough to be cast in the shallows. Doesn't work in deep water though.
Price: 50 Coins
Refund: 20 Coins

Small Plastic NetEdit

Player must possess at least a A4 License to buy this rod.

Small plastic net Description: Not too big, not too small. It fills quickly, but can't be cast in deep water or the shallows.
Price: 100 Coins
Refund: 50 Coins

Nylon Mesh NetEdit

Player must possess at least a A8 License to buy this rod.

Nylon mesh net Description: Big and heavy and dayglo orange. Takes a while to fill, and it's only for the middle depths.
Price: 360 Coins
Refund: 85 Coins

Bamboo Weave NetEdit

Player must possess at least a B2 License to buy this rod.

Bamboo weave net Description: Not very big, and slow to fill, but it attracts rare fish and can be cast in all but the deepest waters.
Price: 880 Coins
Refund: 520 Coins

Steel Mesh Mega NetEdit

Player must at least possess a B7 license to purchase this net.

Steel mesh mega net Description: Huge and it weights a ton. Takes a full day to fill up, but it can hold monster fish. Only for deep waters.
Price: 2,250 Coins
Refund: 960 Coins