Pucker Fish
Pucker Fish
Shallow Depth
Points : 80
Location : Shallow Channel
Weather :


Wave :

Big Waves

Reel: Yes, 10 coins to skip
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Market Price
Good Deal: 54 - 57 coins
Normal Price: 27 - 48 coins
Bad Deal: 16 - 26 coins

The Pucker Fish's tendency to puff themselves up has long been mistaken by foolhardy scientists as a defense mechanism, when, in fact, it is a method to mock and tease one another. It's unclear how this ritual started, but apparently weight is a very sensitive issue among Pucker Fish.


  • Comes out when the seas get rough.
  • Sticks to the southwest.
  • Hates noisy boat motors.
  • A shallow-water fish.



Pucker hunting tips

Pucker Fish can be caught in this reed spot at Shallow Channel. Use Elegant Bamboo Rod to get access to that grid.

  • storm/big waves/bamboo/mayflies/quiet motor/hidden reed spot (c: Kevin Law)
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