Rainbow Angel
Rainbow Angel
Points : 15
Location : Near Coral Channel
Weather :

Sunny iconWeather#Rain

Wave :


Reel: Yes, 8 coins to skip
[Icons ?]
Market Price
Good Deal: 71 coins (RARE)
47 - 52 coins
Normal Price: 30 - 45 coins
Bad Deal: 23 - 26 coins
12 coins (RARE)

Highly desirable for its bright and lovely markings, this heavenly catch will make your day. But they're small and nimble, so don't think the colorful nature of the Rainbow Angel will make them an easy find.


  • Spotted near the Coral Channel
  • Comes out on a rainy day
  • Swims near the shallows
  • Plays among the reeds



  • Angler/Titanium/Mayfly/D2/Reeds/Sunny/No waves