Snuggle Starfish
Snuggle Starfish
Points : 10
Location : near Cape Ravi
Weather :

Sunny iconWeather#RainWeather#Storm

Wave :

StillWavyBig Waves

Reel: No
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Market Price
Good Deal: 21 coins (RARE)
13 - 15 coins
Normal Price: 8 - 12 coins
Bad Deal: 5 - 7 coins
3 coins (RARE)

Snuggle Starfish have exceptionally effective suckers on their many arms that latch on to objects they find adorable, like the hairy legs of wading anglers. Attempting to pry them off is a futile and painful exercise, but wise folk have learned how to lull them off with reciprocal hugs, positive affirmations, and gentle stroking.


  • Sometimes spotted around Cape Ravi.
  • Likes fuzzy beetles.
  • Likes riding rough and wavy waters.
  • Dislikes loud motors.


  • Everywhere


  • Any setup, Carbon Rod + Fuzzy Beetles seems to work fine.
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