Tiger Trout
Tiger Trout
No Reed
Shallow Depth
Shallow but not too shallow
Points : 2
Location : Northwest
Weather :

Sunny iconWeather#RainWeather#Storm

Wave :

StillBig Waves

Reel: No
[Icons ?]
Market Price
Good Deal: 21 coins (RARE)
13 - 14 coins
Normal Price: 8 - 12 coins
Bad Deal: 6 - 7 coins
4 coins (RARE)

Tiger Trout are surprisingly gentle herbivores who use their fanged teeth to scratch the backs of other Tiger Trout. Their tendency to scratch at anything striped was responsible for the failure of the tiger-print diving suit a few years back.


  • A big fan of clear skies
  • Loves a good Fuzzy Beetle
  • Found all over the Northwest
  • Avoids the reeds



  • Carbon Fiber Rod/Fuzzy Beetle/Sunny/Rucker Sound/No reeds/D2
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